For women faced with the decision of reconstruction there is no better choice than Dr. Rosenberg. He’s compassionate, caring and does his best make you look as good or better than when you first came to see him.

Ms. B – Stuart, FL


Dr. Rosenberg performed breast reconstruction surgery (DIEP flap) on me in 2004 and I was in the hospital for 5 days during that time. I had excellent care by him and the hospital. The recovering stage was a little rough for me, and took a few months longer than I anticipated to begin to feel better. It is all worth it to me now. I would do it over again in a heartbeat. The outcome is great and I feel whole again. It definitely changed my life for the better, both physically and mentally. Dr. Rosenberg is an excellent plastic surgeon and I trust him with my life. He is the most wonderful and caring doctor I have ever dealt with. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Ms. C – Gainesville, FL


From the beginning Dr. Rosenberg made a point to take the time to thoroughly explain every step of the reconstruction process and to answer all of my questions. Even when he was out of town, he made it a point to provide me with his cell phone number to contact him directly if needed – I did and he responded. I had already had a right reconstruction years earlier that involved using muscle from another part of my body. Dr. Rosenberg was able to reconstruct my left breast using my own tissue, but without moving muscle to do so. As a result, the left breast has a more natural look, feel, and movement. I am very pleased with Dr. Rosenberg’s work and, more importantly, his genuine caring attitude.

Ms. F – Hawthorne, FL


I feel very fortunate that I was directed to Dr. Rosenberg and his staff. I feel more like a friend rather than a patient. They are very understanding and are truly concerned about your feelings and wellbeing. Dr. Rosenberg has been there for me through every step. He is an excellent surgeon. If you are considering reconstruction I would suggest Dr. Rosenberg and his team. I’m so glad I decided to do it.

Mrs. D – Gainesville, FL


Dr. Rosenberg is most sincere in his efforts to help breast patients. He routinely goes above and beyond the call of duty, even giving his cell-phone number to his patients. No question for him is too mundane, and no answer is without thought and consideration. He will hold your hand and give you many hugs throughout this journey. His background, experience, skills, and exuberance are to be admired.

Mrs. F – Gainesville, FL


Dr. Rosenberg and his staff are the most caring group I have been in contact with. You will get the very best care from him. He is a perfectionist who will do everything possible to make you look wonderful.

Ms. S – Melrose, FL

I thought I could live without a breast after my mastectomy and Chemotherapy, but at 44 years old and newly married just a few years, I could not bring myself to undress in front of mirrors and feel comfortable in my chest area during intimacy. I found Dr. Rosenberg through research and asked about the DIEP Flap. I met with Dr. Rosenberg and I was so glad I was a candidate for this procedure. The surgery, recovery, and normal post op pain & inconveniences were well worth going through this procedure. Dr. Rosenberg and his staff are the most dedicated, honest, and caring people I have met throughout my cancer treatment journey. I now have a 98% return to a normal looking and feeling life, the other 2% is up to me and my weight management. I have, and will continue to recommend Dr. Rosenberg and his staff to people needing or wanting the services he provides.

Mrs. H – Lake City, FL


My first visit with Dr. Rosenberg set the tone of our continued relationship. Dr. Rosenberg spent all the time I needed to make my informed decision, with no feeling of being rushed. Through my visits and procedures whether they were in the office or hospital, Dr. Rosenberg made sure I understood and was comfortable with everything. I believe I can attribute my positive attitude and recovery to Dr. Rosenberg’s caring and conscientious nature. I feel very lucky to have found him!

Mrs. M – Gainesville, FL


Dr. Rosenberg, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was a long road but through it all you gave me back the hope I lost. I felt less of a woman, but then I met you and you reconstructed my breast. Cancer may have knocked me down, but you picked me up. I’ll always be thankful to you! You’re the best.

Mrs. P – Ocala, FL


When I decided to have reconstruction of my breast I was blessed to find Dr. Rosenberg. My experience with him and his staff was amazing. I had surgery at the hospital (SGH) and postoperative at the orthopedic institute. The staff there treated me pleasantly and made me feel comfortable. My husband and I were pleased with the results of my breast reconstruction performed by Dr. Rosenberg. I would highly recommend Dr. Rosenberg to anyone who is considering breast reconstruction.

Mrs. R – Palatka, FL


When I found out I had breast cancer for the second time and was referred to Dr. Rosenberg for reconstructive surgery, I did not truly believe I would end up with a breast that would make me feel totally complete. Dr. Rosenberg definitely changed that belief. He has done a wonderful job and I am thrilled with my progress. He is a caring person, a perfectionist, and a champion for women who have had breast cancer in helping them look and feel like “real women again. He was willing to take on my case even though I was at higher risk because of my age and weight. The free flap procedure was perfect for me and the results have been spectacular! I cannot say enough about Dr. Rosenberg’s skill and professionalism. Together with his staff, who also exhibit that same friendly and caring attitude, they have made this event a very positive experience for me.

Ms. H – Gainesville, FL